Protecting the anonymity of the owner with the help of

 crypto currency

To improve the anonymity of the cryptocurrency, the owners use the mixing services. Such services mix the coins owned by different users during the transaction. There is a special mixing pool in the, the coins get there during transactions and this makes the tracking impossible.

The cryptocurrency and its features

The difference between a currency and an ordinary coin is huge. There are many different features. First of all, this is the absence of any physical form in the cryptocurrency. If for an ordinary currency the electronic form is just a variation of physical form, then the cryptocurrency is different. In addition, cryptocurrency has the following features:

  • The ability to verify the reliability of transactions at any time
  • Complete anonymity. No one can track the data of the crypto-owner. To improve the anonymity, you can use the service
  • Limited emission. This reduces the risks of inflation
  • The openness of the code. Anyone can start to earn coins.

Blockchains in the cryptocurrency

At the heart of the cryptocurrency is the technology “blockchain”. The block contains information about the transactions that are taking place in the system. The sizes at different blockhouses differ from each other. The passed transactions are collected in blocks and thus a chain of blocks is created – the block system. The chain of transactions works continuously, forming more and more new blocks.

Forks in the cryptocurrency

A continuous chain of blocks fork branches into two new ones, which begin to work in parallel, independently of each other. After the fork is done, the characteristics of the coin lock change and the coin starts working according to the new rules.

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