Moving Interstate with kids

In today’s world, job transfers and promotions force families to move interstate frequently. While these moves prove to be quite difficult for the whole family, especially to the kids, it also gives your family an opportunity to start a new. Whether you have moved to a much smaller town or a bigger city, every new neighborhood has something unique and special to offer. In addition to helping your family feel more comfortable in the unfamiliar environment, you should make a point to discover good schools for your kids, playgroups, mum groups, and fun activities for the whole family. With that, here are some tips on how to get started when you just moved interstate with kids.


Be a tourist and walk around

This is one of the most important tips for knowing what your neighborhood has to offer. After the whole unpacking process, you can go for a walk and see what your new neighborhood has to offer in terms of activities and schools. Apart from helping you visualize your new environment, going for a walk will also help you release all the stress acquired during the moving process.

Meet your neighbors

Meeting your new neighbors gives you an opportunity to ask questions about your new neighborhood. As you meet them, you can ask engaging questions which will possibly help you discover some hidden gems in your new community. Having a friendly acquaintanceship with your new neighbors could also lead to additional prospects like discovering where their children school and some of the good schools in the area. You can also go ahead and ask them to invite their children over. This will give your children an opportunity to meet your neighbor’s children. When your youngsters find a new friend before school starts, they will have the security of at least knowing someone if they get to join the same school he or she goes to.


Volunteering and offering services to your new community is also another great way to discover the new place. By volunteering to help your community, you will learn about some of the issues that shape it as you also meet other people who have families and share similar interests and values with you. After you have settled in a bit, you can set out and look for local volunteer opportunities and begin finding more about your new home as you also help others.

Ask for recommendations

If you are looking for a shortcut to knowing all the various activities and schools in your new area, the best way is to ask for recommendations. You can ask your immediate neighbors or co-workers who are already in the know how. If you don’t have anybody in mind that you can ask, you can turn to websites like Meetup, Instameet, and Meet the Neighbors which can help you make a connection. Apart from that, this websites also have forums where individuals in communities can seek advice, share information, and also get recommendations for new things.

Join the library

Bookstores are also a very great place to meet other parents and other people with similar interests. Whether it is finding out about weekend activities or schools that your child can attend, you can get all that by visiting the library. Apart from information you get from meeting other parents, the staff working there will also Moving Interstate with kids great information on support groups for people with kids and even family-friendly activities. You should consider checking there with your kids so that they can meet other kids as they go about reading.

Visit local children’s stores

If there are any stores in your neighborhood that cater specifically to children, you can also use them to get information on things that are going on in your neighborhood. Whether they are specializing in selling kid’s toys, or books, the staff working there will probably have valuable information on things like good schools and mum groups in the neighborhood. In addition, most stores have bulletin boards where they post various events and activities going on in the neighborhood.

Find your local community center

Community centers are also great places to meet other families. Most neighborhoods have community centers and even local fitness centers that you can check into. While some centers only have events and weekend parties, others will also have daycare facilities which can give your younger kids an opportunity to meet and play with other younger kids as you go on with your activities. As you enjoy yourself and meet new people, try mostly to reach out to those people that have children who are the same age as your own child