Advantages of Solar Energy

Higher electricity cost is a primary reason why many home owners are seeking to supply electricity to their home utilizing another means. Homeowners also have made a decision to utilize other alternative options because they want to preserve the planet by reducing use of fossil fuels. A popular option to fossil fuels that many householders are exploring is solar energy. Solar energy is a non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable energy source.

It’s popularity amongst homeowners continues to increase year-and-year. In 2016, United States has greater than A million residential solar installations. Before 2018 ends, the figure will reach Two million. Some of the states that usually utilize solar energy include New Jersey, Connecticut, California and Massachusetts. California, often referred to as the ‘sunshine state’ with no surprise has got a National Ranking of 1st for solar. However, states that we normally would not think of for solar such as New Jersey isn’t far behind with a National Ranking of 5th and over 340,000 houses run by solar. The 312,000 solar-powered houses in Massachusetts made the state get the Sixth place. Connecticut on the other hand, although 18th on the National Ranking is interesting as house owners in Connecticut appear to have an open mind and expanding adoption of solar. Between the years of 2014 and 2015, there has been a 124% increase in investments in the state. Since the early 2000s, Connecticut has been included in the top 10 states for energy-efficiency policies and programs.

Advantages of solar energy

The increase in solar adoption isn’t a surprise as there are several benefits of solar power; including a full list that can be located here on Cleaner NRG’s website. To begin with, house owners can save a lot from using solar power. When going solar, by either leasing, buying or financing a solar panel system a house owner can reduce and in many cases even eliminate their recurring utility bill. Aside from that, having a solar panel system will leave you unaffected by booming electricity costs.

A home with solar energy also becomes more valuable. A dollar worth of energy bill savings from your solar installation adds $20 to the total value of your property, as stated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Components such as the size of the installation and location of a house are crucial to remember as they will affect the total increase. Since a solar panel system will be placed over your roof, you can consider the system as your roof protection. Your shingles would be underneath the solar panels, and when the system is in place, the shingles would be protected against extreme weather conditions. For more in-depth info, check out this link here.

As a property owner, it is essential to get a company that will not only help you in exploring your solar options but will also make you a company that is exceptional in terms of product, installation, warranty and savings. All these aspects will affect a home owners bottom line. Cleaner NRG are one of the solar marketplaces out there that can help house owners find the best choice for their house.

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